We assist clients that require assistance in designing, constructing, installing, validating, training, documentation works.

Our target clients are new start-up and existing companies in the field of pharmaceutical & biotech. We have experience in many types of facilities for example pharmaceutical (oral solid dose, liquid & sterile injectable), hospital (parenteral nutrition, cytotoxic reconstitution& radiopharmaceutical), biotech (stem cells) and many others.


Validation is a key component in a GMP facility. Validation is not a usual component in a non GMP project so planning for the validation early in the project phase to mitigate long delays in the project. We also assist the client manage the execution of the validation.


We can provide training in key topics in GMP. This is very important for a start-up facility. The training helps prepare the personnel for the GMP environment that the will be entering. We can also provide training in specialized topics required by the client.


Documentation is a very important aspect in a GMP facility. Many types of document need to be made ready before the facility can be operated. We have experience in preparing these documents and can assist the client in making them ready.


We provide multi-customer seminar & training sessions in areas of filtration, separation and purification as well as other topics related to our core competency.