Clariance Technique integrates our diverse product portfolio and strength of our peoples’ core competencies to give customers the best solutions in the field of filtration and separation technologies. Established in 2009 as a trading company; today Clariance has evolved to be a manufacturer and solution provider to serve customers better.

We provide specialized products and services in the field of process filtration, fluid clarifications, purifications and separations in most major markets such as Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages, Power Generations, Petrochemicals, Microelectronics, Automotive, Water Treatment, Mining as well as in all other major industrial sectors.

Our journey with our clients begins with our involvement in the early feasibility and scalability study phase. This early process of our “Total Solutions Cycle” is vital to assist our clients to select the appropriate material(s) for the correct application(s) for effective cost management.

Completion of feasibility studies at the laboratory level will then lead to on-site trials in which we will assist in sample preparations, test setups and protocols. With our state of the art measuring instruments, we are able to effectively collect data and perform accurate and conclusive analysis. Based on our findings – system designs and automation can be constructively executed to meet various process requirements.

Our complete range of products; from laboratory scale flat sheet membranes, syringes and capsule formats to production scale cartridges, capsules & modules from single cartridge plastic vessels to stainless steel multi vessels as well as customized filtration and separation vessels and systems provides a one stop centre for product selection to suit all process requirements.

After product selection, the “Cycle” continues with installation, testing and commissioning as well as qualification and documentation preparation and site execution.

Finally, Clariance Technique offers solid after sales services through our well trained and equipped Service Department to look into warranty claims, failure analysis, calibration services and so on to complete the “Total Solutions Cycle”.

At Clariance Technique, we also provide custom designed trainings to cater to our customers’ needs in the areas of filtration & separation, compliance, validation, qualification and process improvements as well as energy savings. As an extended service to our customers, we organized free seminars and trainings from time to time to expose our customers to new ideas, products and technologies.

All these are carefully laid out in place to serve our customers well ahead and beyond expectations. With our customer’s welfare in mind, Clariance Technique will forge ahead to provide unrivalled products and services to meet our customers’ every need.