Micro porous filter products are used by a number of industries to achieve required levels of purity in both gases and liquids. The verification of filter performance has been identified as an important process monitor in several industries, especially in those applications where product sterilization or microbial bio burden reduction is required. 

This has led to the development of a number of integrity test procedures, based around industry preference such as in the beverage sector or regulatory definition as in the pharmaceutical industry.

We offer filter integrity testing as a non-destructive test method for proving the capability of your filter to meet its stated performance when it is installed in an application. With our calibrated and modern integrity tester, we may help to restore your confidence that both before and after filtration processes of your in process installed filter achieve the required performance. In addition, our filter integrity testing service helps you to reassure that no filter damage has occurred during storage, installation into the filter housing or following procedures such as chemical cleaning or in-situ steam sterilization prior to use or during the subsequent manufacturing process.

Our filter integrity testing service applicable for purified water storage tank vent filters, compressed air and gases filters, sterilizing grade liquid filters and other micro filters that are required to be tested by third party as required by the relevant standards and regulations.